Introducing The Natural Wellness Journal, a Lay persons guide to your own NHS, Natural Health Systems. Packed full of bite-size information and techniques to build a strong immune system and bring complete wellness of the body, mind and spirit. Together we will gently meander through The Body; Diet; Nutrition; Detox; Creativity, Nature, Meditations through breathwork and Emotion = Energy in motion.

The Natural Wellness Journal is much more than a self-help book. Although it is written to guide you through over fifty of the techniques that I used to recover from a near-death medical procedure, years of grief and many chronic illnesses, it’s main purpose is to teach you about your body, the link between our health to that of the planet and connect people with the many  experts that I have learnt from. 

“Philly J Lay’s book ‘The Natural Wellness Journal’ is a one stop shop for the Mind, Body and Spirit. It is a genius collection of dozens of simple but highly effective techniques to help a person navigate through life. A must for every conscious persons bedside table.”

Karl Dawson
EFT Founding Master
Creator Of Matrix Reimprinting
Hay House Author

Boost Your Natural Health System

Your complete guide to boosting your Natural Health Systems; The Natural Wellness Journal gives you a deep understanding of practices that will help you heal not only yourself but also our beautiful planet.

Together we will gently meander through; The body, diet & nutrition, sleep, emotion, self-love, breathwork, journaling, creativity, meditation, nature & so much more!

Use the journal pages to reflect on how you feel throughout your journey.

Let’s raise our energy vibrations out of Guilt, Grief and Fear, the biggest suppressors of the immune system; through Courage, Reason, Love and Joy, so that we may find peace again.

The perfect wellness gift: Help a loved one on their way to natural health.

This journal is no substitute for medical advice, just another perspective to help support your healing if you wish to include anything. Please always consult your doctor or healthcare provider for any conditions that concern you.

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Philly J Lay’s book ‘The Natural Wellness Journal’ is a one stop shop for the Mind, Body and Spirit. It is a genius collection of dozens of simple but highly effective techniques to help a person navigate through life. A must for every conscious persons bedside table.

Karl Dawson – Hay House Author

Philly is a force of love and positivity in a world where souls like her are in great need right now! Philly exudes passion to spread awareness and knowledge of the most vital information about our mind and body and the earth itself and how we are all connected as one. Philly’s journal is like a handbook of life and all things we should know. It took her 3 months to write as she wanted to reach as many beings as possible before it was too late. Philly’s story is truly inspirational too what she has overcome through her life has only made her stronger and more determined to teach others the ability to heal comes from within. If you haven’t already got this book make sure you do, you won’t regret it!

Leanne Brown – Love Peace Karma Podcast

What an excellent guide for anyone beginning their journey to natural wellness. I have found it an amazing resource into a broad range of wellness remedies. Since I have not journaled before I found the guidance in the book really useful. Highly recommend, truly empowering!

Athena – Amazon Customer

This book The Natural Wellness Journal is amazing, its like having an old friend by your side. Brilliant for anyone wanting to improve their overall health with lots of tips from cooking to coping. It’s beautifully written by an author that has used her methods on her on health, so comes from a very kind, grounded place and she’s living proof it’s all possible.

L R Rooney – Amazon Customer

A wonderful journal , highly recommended.
The author Philly J Lay writes about her highs & lows in a very matter of fact way that I & im sure many others can relate to.
You can write about your worries , problems, health issues & there are helpful tips to help over come some issues & quotes that make one think ‘yes, I can do that’
Great breathing exercises.
It’s a help journal that you can pick up , write your thoughts , work on yourself , put down & then pick up again later when you’re ready.
There is no rush, it’s day by day,
It helps you to understand self care, self love
meditation & so much more.
It has made me think that I’m in control of my healing & not to bash myself up if I’m tired today.
I’ve hidden away for years now & just yesterday I messaged some old friends who I hadn’t been in touch with for years & they were so pleased to here from me.
It’s not a big, scary book You can pop it in your hand bag & take it with & when you hear a wonderful bird song or a beautiful sky write it down in this book & look back at what you have written when 1 day you can’t hear the beautiful bird song 😊

Amanda – Amazon Customer

This book, unlike many self help books is extremely easy to read, and because it is based on a personal journey gives tons of opportunities to help yourself. It does not argue that you have to follow one specialist regime that will cost you a fortune, but accompanies you on your own journey with gratitude note spaces, and the offering of ideas about how to tackle aspects of dis-ease, and the references to help you understand why that modality might help.
Brilliant – and thank you

Rafe Neuen – Amazon Customer

Philly J Lay has written a wonderful wellness journal where she talks about her near death experience and the road to recovery and forming healthier habits for body and mind.
Within the journal you will find facts or hacks to a more healthier way of living and links to free resources from different professionals.
In the journal you can write about your worries, thoughts, health issues and what you are grateful for.
There is no pressure to complete it on a day to day basis, space for the date has been left intentionally blank so you can pick it up at anytime that feels right for you.
This journal helps you to understand many of the different aspects of self care and what we can do in order to make positive changes to our lifestyle that work towards a better physical and mental health.
I first became aware of Philly over on Instagram and instantly felt drawn to what she has to say and share. I not only bought a copy for myself but for my sister in law who is studying herbalism, she loved it!
All I can say, is that this book is inclusive and for anyone who feels a little flat, lacking motivation but with positive thoughts of beginning the gentle approach to making better choices for body and mind.

The Youngen and I – Amazon Customer

Absolutely love this book! If you’re looking for a resource to help you through lockdown, even if natural wellness isn’t something you’re normally interested in, this book is so insightful into how important our natural health systems are, and the journaling side of it really helps with mental health. During this fearful time this is honestly the best thing I’ve read and the more people that read this the better! We can get through this, we just need to understand ourselves a little better! Listen to your bodies, feel the energy! This isn’t hippy dippy I promise, just a really useful piece of equipment to help us realise our full potential!

Catherine Joy – Amazon Customer

This book is so comprehensively researched with endless links to delve and explore even deeper. Philly J. Lay really has done all the hard work and delivers a huge mass of wisdom and information, but with such modesty and humour that it is a compulsive read. It seems to have all the answers to ‘Wellness’ and the journal format makes us continually check that we keep doing the simple things such as just breathing properly. It shows us how to banish negative emotion, get out of our heads and into our hearts…. and be set free.

Julia – Amazon Customer

I have been reading this book over the Christmas period and really enjoying it .There is a wealth of information here to help you make positive changes and boost your immunity . No better time to make those changes during the period where cold and flu viruses are rife .Simple and easy read which you can dip into .A great reminder of what we can do to remain well .it’s like having an enthusiastic friend who encourages you on your wellness journey. Thanks Philly J .

Mark Pargeter – Amazon Customer

Following the amazing @phillyjlay on Instagram has got me sooo excited to receive my journal! Can’t wait to start my own journey in natural health!!

Amelia – Amazon Customer

So pleased I ordered this book. A very easy to read, straight to the point and informative book. It’s very refreshing to learn about natural ways to take care of ourselves and really all the answers are inside us with a guiding help from Philly J Lay. The interactive nature of this book gives more of a focus which is probably more important now more than ever.

Alice Lynch – Amazon Customer

A warmly informative read. Written just as though a friend is talking you through with really helpful & uplifting advice. So glad I bought this. Thank you so much Philly J Lay!

ZebraGirl – Amazon Customer

This is a beautifully written book and so helpful. It feels like a friend holding my hand through this process of growth, change, helping myself and my body. I loved reading it and love going through different sections as I feel.

Jasmin Gannon – Amazon Customer

Philly offers so many different techniques for managing health and wellbeing, that aren’t just the normal tablets/drugs we’re typically told about in day-to-day life. It’s a much more holistic look at your health and body, which actually meets you where you are on your journey without pressuring you to do things in a certain way. There is bound to be a nugget of wisdom in here for everyone as it’s packed full of so much! Inspiring story too.

Corrie Jones – Amazon Customer

loved this book. It features everything that is important to me. It’s just like owning a life manual. It’s brilliant. A blend of wellbeing and nature.
It is a journal. I personally feel it’s too gorgeous to write in. It’s perfect to keep dipping into.

Just Being Jules – Amazon Customer

Excellent book to track your journey to complete wholistic wellness. This book is beautifully written and designed. There is everything for the human body to reach its full potential in a wholistic way. Phillipa has touched on everything from the vibrational frequency scale to the importance of practicing daily gratitude. I cant wait to get started.

V English – Amazon Customer

What a great way to start 2022! I follow philly on Instagram and had seen sneak peaks of her book but last night I sat down and read this book from cover to cover, it was so informative and I can’t wait to try some new techniques to help with both physical and mental health!!

Claire Dexter – Amazon Customer

Really thought provoking and interesting read.
It’s perfect to help you create your own path to natural wellness through the guidance and advice it offers plus lots of spaces to make notes for yourself!
Only wish I’d had this sooner!

Bekki – Amazon Customer

Just completely amazing!!!! absolutely love this book! Philly J Lay writes in such an easy to understand way.
I’ve found so many useful pages in this book. Highly recommended & essential reading for these testing times. This book has been my bible!!

Suzanne Hunt – Amazon Customer