Your Natural Wellness Journey

The FasterClass: Launching December 2022!


Hello and Welcome to Your Natural Wellness Journey, my Fasterclass on your own NHS…Natural Health Systems. A series of Masterclasses made Faster!

We live in a frantic world and rarely have the time or love for ourselves that we deserve and we often see the consequential loss of our health and happiness. If I asked you to tell me the 10 things you love most in the world….when would you mention yourself.

In 2020, I published my book, The Natural Wellness Journal. Bite size chunks, to show others many of the techniques that helped me recover from a near death medical procedure, PTSD, addiction to opioids and alcohol and years of grief, ultimately leading to a complete breakdown in my health.

I ended up seeing four consultant in four days and asking if everything was connected…they didn’t know. The sticking plasters of Western Medicine are not designed to join the dots…there is no money in healthy people.

So I went on an extraordinary journey to heal myself, with astonishing results!

Since March 2020, most of us have felt some grief.

‘Grief comes in many forms, not just from death. It comes from being separated from loved ones, loosing a job, a business, a home, a relationship, an education, a childhood.

We know that the consequences of this pandemic are going to hugely affect the generations to come, as well as people who are struggling with undetected disease and mental health issues caused by the stress of this situation.’

The Natural Wellness Journal.

We have also been plunged into fear time and time again. Fear is the biggest suppressor of the immune system.

I was surprised by the lack of medical advice during the lockdowns on ways to boost our immune systems. There are so many things that we can do.

This series has been designed to introduce you to a more natural way of healing and living. Together we will meander through the body, mind and spirit. Their connection to Mother Earth.

When we learn to heal ourselves, we will begin to heal the planet.

Everything is Connected.

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